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Marchand Entrepreneur Électricien Ltd. offers electrical installation, maintenance and repair services. Our name is a pledge of excellence that reflects the quality of our people and our processes. We are the standard to which our competitors aspire.


Our Values

Excellence (to be a symbol of excellence and improve continuously to remain so)

We strive for excellence in everything we do and are driven by a desire to exceed the goals and expectations of our partners.

Teamwork (all together to succeed)

We unite our efforts and share our knowledge in order to maximize the contribution of every individual to the success of our projects. Our company is more like a family than a workplace.

Respect (treating people with compassion and commitments with passion)

Respect is the basis of all our relationships with people, and we extend that same respect to our commitments, budgets and timelines.

Honesty (exemplary behavior to earn trust)

We hold ourselves to a standard of behavior based on honesty and transparency. We gauge our success not by our bottom line, but by the trust our clients place in us.